Whether someone wants to protect their personal assets or commercial enterprise from uncertain situations, insurance is needed. Insurance has several types that provide financial protection against your travel, health, life, assets, and many other things. 

Insurance Has Two Common Categories: Personal and Business Insurance.

The Major Differences Between Personal And Business Insurance Are Listed Below.


Policies That Are Offered With Personal Insurance

It covers a variety of different policies. One can choose the level of coverage as per requirement. For example, you can have car insurance if you buy a new car.

Home Coverage

People that choose a second home or a property abroad can insure with special home insurance policies. It will protect properties if it is occupied through renting or any other way.

Breakdown Coverage

Involves damage caused by various internal forces like power surges, mechanical breakdown, operator error, or motor burnout.

Driving Instructor Insurance

It is required when someone wants to be a driving instructor. Besides instructors, it also covers learner drivers while they are driving a car.

Health Care Insurance

It provides financial assistance in case someone is sick or injured. Healthcare insurance covers many health disabilities.

Landlord Insurance

It covers the loss of rental income and damage to the property, subject to the terms and conditions of the policy.

Travel Insurance

It reimburses money lost in non-refundable deposits and payments made during the trip. Travel insurance ranges from baggage loss to delayed flights to various medical issues.

Whole Life Insurance

Provides valuable financial support throughout someone’s life.

Policies That Are Offered With Business Insurance Are

It is used to protect commercial enterprises if they are subject to a compensation claim or legal cost by members. 

It includes injury and medical claims, it also covers death that occurs during work. It also covers if your actions damage someone else property. 

For example: being an electrician, you damaged the property of your customers.

It includes both employers with and without WCB coverage. For without WCB coverage, initially do confirm that the industry is exempt from mandatory worker’s compensation coverage. After that, consult a broker for a free quote on adding an employer insurance liability policy. 

If you are with WCB coverage, you can directly contact the insurance brokers in surrey, BC.

It includes the client’s financial or reputational loss incurred by the company while working with them. In this case, financial aid is provided if legal actions are faced by the company. 

It also includes if any employee of the company causes financial or reputational loss to the company. The level of insurance coverage includes the size of the company and the type of work that one is undertaking. Some of the occupations that purchase professional indemnity are accountant, judge, designer, and recruiter.

Businesses that own the company’s premises will need commercial property insurance. It includes offices, shops, and restaurants. 

It covers threats against fire, theft, flood, storm, and a burst pipe burst.

Many businesses are dependent on vehicles to get their work done.

It becomes crucial in that state to protect them from any theft or damage.

Is It Necessary To Take Personal Insurance?

Although it depends on the policy like auto insurance is mandatory while travel isn’t. However, insurance is still considered an important investment to make. 

We hope that you will never be in a situation but if anything wrong happens then the insurance policy can protect you.

There are some important questions that someone needs to ask themselves if they think they don’t need a policy.

“Are you ready to bear the cost of repairing or replacing?”

“Can you afford your current expenses if you lose a major chunk of your income?”

Who Needs Business Insurance?

Businesses need to be insured so that their current activities can run smoothly. Though Canadian laws don’t mandate buying business insurance it’s highly recommended as in many cases, it will be hard to trade if an insurance policy is not taken as there are a number of risks that are exposed on a daily basis that need to be mitigated.

So if you have a small or a large business taking an insurance policy is a worthy investment.

Where Can You Find Liability Coverage?

Depending on the type of liability coverage, can dictate where one can get it. It’s better to speak with an insurance agent who can help you access the right coverage according to your current situation.

Last but not the least, it is important to find the right coverage. One can’t expect a life insurance policy in vancouver to cover a house affected by natural calamities.

Sensible insurance in Surrey BC has expert brokers to guide and assist you thoroughly.